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Hannay Reels. 

We are going to make this simple. There isn’t a better reel than a Hannay Reel. Period. Hannay reels are built in the United States to last years and years With features you simply will not find on any other reel such as grease fittings on the bearings, front mounted bevel drive cranks, and sizes available to handle up to 450 feet of 3/4” spray line. Hannay makes the best water reels and the ONLY high pressure manifoldless roof spray and pressure washing reels you can buy. While the Hannay has a higher initial price, because they last so much longer and work so much better, Hannay reels have a lower COST than other reels. It is why guys have them for over a decade in use. 

Hannays are fully customizable so please inquire for options and pricing if you need something that isn’t shown here.  

Manual Vs. Electric Rewind? Worth it?

This is a question we get all the time. ARE electric rewind reels worth all that extra money? The answer is…it depends. If you or your employees are young, fit, strong and don’t do a lot of jobs every day, and you run smaller hose then manual rewind is probably fine. If, on the other hand, you are a bit older, smaller or you do high volume cleaning with a lot of stops per day then electric rewind is ABSOLUTELY worth the investment as it is flat out faster. Time is money and if you are trying to get to the 6th job of the day, that extra 10 minutes to manually rewind makes all the difference. If you are a bit older, it is really nice at the end of the day to just push a button. NOBODY has ever regretted an electric rewind purchase. 

Why no “Add to Cart” button on the Chemical Hose Reels? Because frankly Hannay Reels are built to order and in the Chemical Reels, There are too many sizes, colors and options to put here. And because there are so many options, it is better that you just call us to order so we can make sure you get the right reel for your specific needs! 

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We not only sell Hannay…we USE them every single day! This is one of our large project flatbed trucks which has a sum total of SIX Hannay Reels on it! Pictured, L to R, Hannay Air Reel, Hannay Large Chemical Reel, Hannay Small Chem Reel (motorized) top and Hannay Manual Pressure Washer Reel (bottom). Not seen are two Hannay Water reels in a stacked mount configuration. 

Hannay Chem Reel…Large. If you run bigger hose for more distance on your spray systems, then this is the reel you want. It is strong enough, beefy enough to handle the heaviest hose imaginable. This reel is highly customizable and has no manifold. Why would you NOT want a manifold? Because when you run corrosive chemicals through a metal manifold…even stainless steel…bad things happen, like leaks, rust and bad language. Eliminate the manifold, eliminate the problems! Will hold up to 250 ft of 3/4” spray hose, 300’ of 5/8” hose. $795.00 Manual Rewind (shown above). Electric Rewind $1395.00 

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Hannay Manifoldless Chem Reel…Small. This reel is what you want if you are running 1/2” or smaller hose. Will hold up to 250’ of 1/2” hose. Manual Rewind $499, Electric rewind (shown above) $899.00

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Hannay Pressure Washer Reel. Manual, $275 with Super Swivel as shown above. $599 Motorized. Simply put, WHY would you buy any other pressure washer reel when you can buy a Hannay? Why? Stores up to 275’ of 3/8” pressure hose. Larger versions ARE available to hold up to 475 ft of 1/2 PW hose. Please inquire. 

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High Capacity Hannay Water Hose Reel. Honestly, as a professional cleaning contractor, just buy this and be done with it. We are CONSTANTLY seeing guys buying cheap water reels only to see them complaining 6 months later how they need bigger reels, how the cheap reel broke or it wobbles, how the cheap ones leak and how the cheap reel is hard to reel. You can buy cheaper, but at the end of the day, year, decade, the Hannay will continue to work and work and work flawlessly. Show me a cheap reel with actual grease fiting for the real roller bearings in it. Plus there are few other reels which will hold over 150’ of 3/4” water hose. This holds 200’ of 3/4” water hose and nearly 300 ft of 5/8” hose. $329. And yes, this reel isn’t small, but when you need a lot of hose, you need a lot of hose! 43.5” wide. IF you need to hold LONGER than 200’ of 3/4” water hose…or you NEED to run longer hose but DON’T have 43/5” to play with, yes it IS available! Please Inquire. 

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