Custom Engineered Spray Systems. 


The New Outlaw-M. The Worlds’ First Modular, upgradeable pump system! 

At The Pump Man, we design and sell the most innovative spray pump systems in the industry. Specializing in creative, outside the box thinking, our pump systems are designed to solve many of the problems contractors who spray materials encounter with ordinary pump systems. 

Our clients include roof cleaning contractors, paver sealing contractors, Lawn Care Professionals, Dairy Farmers, and Municipalities. Whether you need an roof cleaning pump, an AG Spray system, lawn care spray system or a De-Icing system, we have the pump. 

From the Outlaw-Mini, the world’s smallest Air Diaphragm pump system, to the Outlaw Jr. the most compact self contained spray pump system on the market, to our runaway best selling Outlaw-C+, the most compact gas powered air diaphragm system on the market. Our custom built skid systems deliver what no other pump system can, expandability, affordability, upgradability and the ability to run multiple spray lines simultaneously. 

Our systems punch way above their weight. We utilize as much American materials and suppliers as possible, utilizing local companies whenever possible. 

Outlaw Pump Systems. 

This is where you want to start. This page will direct you to our various pump system. Don’t see something which meets your specific needs? Send us a Custom Skid Request and let us design the pump system of your dreams. 

The NEW Outlaw-M. The Worlds First Modular, Upgradeable Spray pump system. 


Are you designing an air diaphragm spray system? Having problems with your current roof cleaning or spray system? We now offer consultations by phone. Talk with one of the acknowledged experts in the field who can help you fine tune the details of your roof or other spray rig. If you are in the middle of a job and something isn’t working, we also offer emergency consulting. Click Here to book your Consultation.