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Unbelievable!! Don’t Underestimate that little thing!” David F. Winter Garden FL. Roof Cleaner. 



Outlaw Mini Chassis are completely sold out. We have a new Mini II version coming with improved chassis connectors and better internal air routing allowing you to more easily change the hose connections. The chassis will be longer to accomodate and will be shiny metal instead of the powder coat. We are also changing the pump to an even MORE chemical resistant design. We expect the new chassis in by March 5, 2019. 

The Outlaw-Mini is the smallest, most portable, most flexible chemical pump on the entire market. Able to pump the widest range of chemicals with the widest range of flow rates of any small pump system on the entire market. 

The Problems with Pumps.

Pumps. Pumps are a big problem in many industries. Anyplace you need the ability to shoot large AND small quantities of material. The problem is, most pumps are just not good at this. This stems from the fact most pumps have one speed…full blast. When called upon to reduce their output, they burn out, they short cycle, they break down. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, many pumps being used are simply not chemically compatible with many of the things that modern contractors spray. It isn’t uncommon for contractors to go through muliple pumps in a year, each one costing both time, money and productivity. 

The Outlaw-Mini was designed to solve these problems. It IS a chemical pump. If it is fairly liquid, the Outlaw Mini can spray it and do so with exceptional control. And, because it is an air diaphragm pump, it is both self cooled and capable of spraying at rates from mist up to full output without any penalties. It is a vast improvement in reliability over many traditional pump systems used in these industries and it is easily serviceable. The Outlaw-Mini solves many of the problems because is is specifically designed to do the job. 

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The Pump.

The Outlaw-Mini starts with one of the world’s most highly engineered small air diaphragm pumps. Mechanically simple, easy to service, and capable of pumping chemicals with PH ranges from Hydrochloric and Phosphoric Acid…to highly alkaline such as Sodium Hypochlorite or even caustic like Sodium Hydroxide. 

The pump is easy to replace. Changing the pump takes only a few minutes.

Flow ranges are variable from 7 Gallons per Minute at open flow, down to a 1/4 Gallon per Minute misting nozzle giving it the utmost in flexibility. No longer will you have to adapt your spraying speed to the pump…instead the pump adapts to YOUR needs and the surface and material you are spraying. And Mini’s can be STACKED! Put two Outlaw Minis on for a 14 Gallon/Minute system, Three at 21 Gallons/Minute and 4 will deliver a whopping 28 Gallons/Minute open flow! 

The Outlaw Mini comes in a laser cut, US Built Aluminum enclosure with a chemically resistant thermoplastic coated finish both inside and out.


The Outlaw Mini is built and assembled in the United States using locally sourced labor and materials from the Bellingham WA area, US sourced fittings and handle. We as a company are committed to putting as much US built content into our pump system as possible and seek out US suppliers for our products whenever available, even if it costs us a few dollars in profit.  

Air Supply. 

No…not the band, though once you use the Mini, we are going to bet you will be All Out Of Love for your 12 Volt pump. Your Outlaw-Mini is an air diaphragm pump and as such it requires a supply of compressed air. While even a small pancake compressor can suffice for spraying small quantities of material on the ground, professional contractors will want a compressor capable of at least 2.5 CFM output at 90 PSI.  5 CFM to run two simultaneously, 10 CFM to run four…etc. 

Airline Water Management. 

Like all air tools, it is good practice to use a water separator to remove excessive water in the airline. All air tools can ice up and stop working if there is excess moisture in the air stream. While not harmful to the pump, it is annoying. Also, your pump enclosure will leak water out of it if not removed. Again, while not harmful, this is also annoying.  


Fluid. The Outlaw Mini will run up to 200 feet of 1/2” ID hose. The smaller the hose, the shorter the length. We do not recommend smaller than a 1/4” 20 ft hose. A 3/8” hose can go as long as 150 ft.  1/2” can be 200’ and for longer than 200 ft. 5/8” hose is the ticket. 

Air. For air supply, we recommend the Flexzilla 1/4” hose. This can run up to 200 feet. For longer runs, a 3/8” hose should be used. 

Industries and Uses. 

Who can benefit from the Outlaw Mini pump? Exterior cleaning companies both pressure wash and soft wash, wood refinishing companies, paver sealing companies, Mold Remediation companies, Rental Equipment Companies, Pest Control Operators, Concrete Companies, Agricultural Professionals, Painting Contractors, Mechanics…the list is endless. 


There are two choices of outputs on the Mini. Hard plumbed and soft. We recommend soft outputs for most clients as they are a bit less hard on the pump and can be easily maintained. Specify hard outputs if you plan on dragging the pump around in places like crawlspaces and attics. 

Outlaw-Mini Owners Manual. 

Outlaw Mini Manual.zip