“M” stands for Modular. This is a vision our owner/designer had from the second he designed the Mini. Based on our Outlaw Mini Mk2 Pump system, there is simply nothing else like the Outlaw-M. Starting with a basic Chassis with your choice of several different hose reels, the M can be outfitted in multiple different ways. From a small, entry level, compact spray system with an electric compressor, to a multi-pump, multi-line gas powered compressor driven system. Because the Outlaw-M is air diaphragm, it has all the advantages including the best reliability, widest spray capability, and widest chemical compatibility. 

Best of all, Outlaw-M is upgradeable! You can start with the basic single pump electric compressor version and upgrade to the multi pump, multi-reel version simply by changing a few basic components. Choose one or many outputs and inputs. You can even set Outlaw-M up to spray two different products from two different reels from two different pumps with two different spray hoses all run off the same machine. And Outlaw-M units can even be ganged together to make it the ultimate in flexible spray systems. 

Manufacturered here in the USA out of as many American components as we can get our hands on, the Outlaw-M once again promises to set the pump industry afire. 



We wanted to make the Outlaw-M entry level pump system affordable and upgradeable for the beginning contractor. So, we chose the most basic and widely available electric compressor we could get our hands on…the $119 2 HP Harbor Freight Electric Oil compressor. It is small, cheap, widely available in nearly every place in the U.S. and believe it or not, has proven to be extremely reliable amongst quite a number of our clients. It is bolted directly onto the frame. It will drive one pump module at at time…though if you spray more than one type of fluid at different times, it will spray from multiple different pumps and hoses (example, roof mix and concrete sealer).

For those who require more output or do not have ready access to AC power, you can upgrade the Outlaw-M to a fully gas powered compressor. The 5 HP Honda gas compressor we use is the same ultra reliable, bulletproof compressor we put in our best selling Outlaw-C Pump system. Capable of driving two pumps simultaneously for double the output or to twin spray. 


THIS. This is what sets the Outlaw-M apart from literally every other pump system on the market. It was designed to be upgraded from the beginning. If you purchase a system with an electric compressor and a single pump, you can upgrade to the Gas compressor and twin or triple pumps. You can add more reels and hoses as needed. Your pump system grows as your business and needs grow.

Is the Compressor Included?

No…and Yes. We don’t include the compressor if you order the basic electric package. Why? Because there is a Harbor Freight in practically every city in the United States and shipping 30 added lbs of metal is costly. It is SUPER easy to hook up and mount. 

However, we DO include the compressor if you order the Gas powered version. This is because the Gas powered version is a bit more complicated to plumb in and mount. 

The Pumps. 

The Pump are our ubiquitous Outlaw-Mini Mk2. The Mini slides directly into the frame and easily attaches in. The connectors make it easy to “hot swap” a Mini out or to remove a pump module. The pumps are simple, reliable and will pump up to 7 GPM open flow. They are compatible with a wide range of common chemicals. If you are unsure of compatibility, simply contact us and inquire. 


The Reels. 

We’ve gone through and tried a LOT of reels over the years. And that is why we only sell and use Hannay. Yes they are more expensive to purchase initially, but there is a difference between price and COST. Yes, you can buy a cheaper reel, and it will be guaranteed to let you down every single time. Our customers never have problems with Hannay reels. We run Hannay on our Rigs. Simply put there isn’t a better reel out there. We offer two versions. For those spraying non corrosive materials such as fertilizer mixes, pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers or RoofMaxx, the basic Hannay reel is all you need. Comes with a stainless super swivel. However, for those spraying corrosive materials such as Chlorinated roof mixes, you want the manifoldless chemical reel version. Don’t be fooled by marketing…a stainless Manifold just prolongs the pain of leakage. Nothing beats the Hannay Manifoldless design for spraying corrosive mixes. Nothing. 

Price Matrix. 

This is where things may seem a bit complicated, but it is actually pretty simple. 

First, you start with the base. $500

Next, choose your Mini Mark 2 pumps. $399 ea. Each pump requires 2.5 CFM to run.

Next choose your Compressor. $120 for the 2.5 CFM electric (which you supply), $950 for the 5 CFM Gas (includes water separator system) which we supply. 

Next, choose your Reel(s). $275 for the standard reel, $549 for manifoldless chemical. 

If you want to stack the reels, add $150 for the reel stacking kit. 

Add $250 for 200’ of 1/2” chemical compatible hose with Banjo valve and quick connect. 

So…the basic electric package with the frame, a single non corrosive reel, single pump and 200’ of spray hose runs $1424 plus shipping. 

The most popular setup will likely be the twin pump/twin reel system with Gas Compressor for around $3K US. This system can easily fit on a small 4 x 8” trailer or in a small pickup bed and it is capable of spraying nearly any combination of chemicals you can think of. It is ideal for the Lawn Care Professional, Mold Mitigation Contractor, RoofMaxx/Roof Cleaning contractor, Cedar Roof Specialist or PCO. 

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